Chapter 231

Leila could only show her white feathers and respond weakly, “Mother, I... I’ll go back tonight.” “Go back tonight? Is this a joke?” Madam Vanderbilt saw that Leila was afraid of being rejected by Stephen and glared at Stephen, who had remained silent all this while. “Since you’ve called your wife back, then live your best life with her. What will the public say if they get to know that your wife comes here during the day and then goes back to her own house at night daily?” “Mother, don’t blame Steph. It’s my problem.” Leila took all the blame onto herself—the image of a virtuous and sensible wife overflowed. Stephen put down the teacup. Although he had asked Leila and her daughter to come back to the Vanderbilt manor, Leila’s fake pregnancy was quite a nightmare to him. However, seeing that Leila’s attitude had indeed done a one-eighty recently, Stephen said slowly, “Since you’ve already come back, you can stay here from now on.” After all, the divorce had not been finalized yet,

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