Chapter 2320

The officer glanced at Cameron and smiled. “Miss, please leave your signature here.” Cameron grabbed the pen and turned to look at Waylon. Waylon rested his head on his upper arm, propped his elbow against the desktop, stared at her, and gave off a faint smile. “Don’t worry. You can take your time to think about it.” The officer looked at the two of them. ‘These two are definitely here to get married. However, this lady doesn’t seem to be completely ready for marriage.’ Cameron took a deep breath, bit the bullet, and signed on the certificate. The corners of Waylon’s lips twitched without leaving a trace behind to be noticed. After going through all the procedures, one of the officers issued their certificate of marriage to them. “Congratulations, Mister and Missus Goldmann.” Cameron could not help but want to incinerate the piece of paper in her hands. Seeing that Waylon was staring at her, she was afraid that he would snatch the certificate, so she hurriedly shoved it into h

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