Chapter 2321

Cameron suddenly got up. She had been tricked! She hung up the phone, rushed next door, and opened the door. “Wayne!” Waylon just got out of the shower and walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. The water droplets had not dried off his body yet, and they rolled down his body with every movement of his chest. Water vapor surrounded him, making him look sexy. Cameron’s eyes were glued to his body as she looked up and down, and she gulped. What she saw looked like a painting of a beautiful man walking out of the shower. Was he wearing nothing under the towel? Cameron’s mind was racing until Waylon stood in front of her. The warm air rushed toward her, and she immediately turned around. “I didn’t see anything.” Waylon chuckled. “Haven’t you seen me like this before? You should be used to it already. Why are you so shy?” Cameron tutted and replied, “That was the past. It’s different now.” She used to be a ‘man’. As long as she didn’t feel awkward, others would be. But

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