Chapter 2323

Zephir placed the phone down and walked over with a smile. “Why are you here?” Daisie looked around. “Can we talk?” Zephir’s smile faded a little. After a pause, he walked to the couch and poured some hot water into the kettle. “Of course we can. About what?” “Zeph, I’d like to have Pierre back on set.” He paused and raised his brows at her. Daisie calmly said, “He wasn’t wrong. And since we still need to find someone to replace him, that will be too much of a hassle. Why not just bring him back?” “Daisie, even if he wasn’t at fault, he indirectly affected the shoot. I was just concerned about you.” Daisie asked, “Did you find out what really happened?” Zephir looked at her and didn’t speak. “Zeph, Tiffany was the one who affected the shoot. If she hadn't misled Pierre, none of that would have happened. But why was Pierre fired while Tiffany got to walk away by herself?” Zephir got up. “Daisie, are you suspecting me of something?” She looked serious. “I don’t want to, Zeph.

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