Chapter 2324

“What’s going on with Zephir? Didn’t he always have good things to say about Daisie’s acting?” “Yes. Don’t you think he’s being unreasonably picky today?” The crew members chattered quietly, wondering if Daisie had done something to offend Zephir. He finally moved to the next scene after dozens of retakes. The person acting alongside Daisie looked bothered and was holding back the grievance. Daisie was walking to her trailer when James called out to her. He walked over quickly and asked, “What’s wrong with Gosling? Did you have a fight with him?” Daisie didn’t reply. James rolled up his sleeves. “I’m going to speak to him.” Daisie held him back. “Don’t. It’s between the two of us.” “Can’t you say that he was intentional?” James scoffed. “You can’t even be friends because he can’t get you? You’re enemies now? That’s all he has?” Daisie looked at him. “He’s the director, and we’re just actors. Even if there is animosity, we still have to finish the shoot, right?” James crosse

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