Chapter 2344

Daisie smirked. “She’s worried that Waylon will go with some other girl.” Nollace leaned in closer. “How are you going to thank me?” Daisie kissed him on his lips. He smiled and pinched her chin. “You’re getting bolder.” Daisie would blush when he kissed her, yet she was now taking the initiative. She looked at him. “Are you not satisfied?” He leaned in. “Not yet.” She was bashful. “Don’t be too greedy!” Meanwhile… Waylon and Cameron returned to the villa. He was removing his coat next to the door when Cameron turned back. “Why are you removing your coat?” He said, “I’m feeling a bit stuffy.” Cameron was surprised and remembered that he had drunk some wine. “Who said you could drink the wine?” He paused and raised his brows. “What’s wrong with that?” “Weren’t you afraid that she would drop something in there?” Cameron walked over and poked his shoulder. “If she drugs you and does something to you, you’re going to…” Waylon suddenly understood why she was so anxious. He

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