Chapter 2345

Cameron walked into the kitchen and placed the eggs down. Maybe because Waylon was there, she didn’t know what to do and stood there for a long time. Waylon stopped behind her and leaned down next to her ear. “Heat up the pan.” Her ears felt ticklish while her mind was filled with scenes that she couldn’t forget. It was shameful. She turned around and pushed Waylon out of the kitchen. “Go sleep. Leave me alone.” Waylon put out his arms to pull her in. “I’m afraid that you might blow up my kitchen, and I’ll have to clean it up later.” Cameron frowned. “You think I can’t cook?” She could fry an egg. Waylon brushed his thumb over her lips. “Are you avoiding me because of what happened earlier?” Her face burned up, but because she was prideful, she said, “I’m not avoiding you. I just don’t want to see you because it might become awkward.” He smiled. “Why would it be awkward?” Cameron looked at his lower abdomen, but he caught her. “What do you think about it?” She choked. Her

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