Chapter 2351

[This is my first time seeing a celebrity bring her family members to a show, ROFL. Zoey was right. What’s the fun when they invite ordinary people who are not famous in the entertainment industry onto the show? This show is really boring.[ [Then allow me to enlighten you, you dumb*ss. Daisie’s eldest brother, Wayne Goldmann, once shot commercials with one of the best actors to ever grace the industry in the past. He was quite a popular child actor back then. If he were to have made his debut just like Daisie did, you wouldn’t even have this chance to showcase your massive ego.] Daisie did not lose her cool but gave off a smile instead. “You can bring your family members too.” Zoey’s expression dimmed as Waylon and Helios brought out the food, and Denzel then placed the dessert on the table. The dishes looked mouthwatering, there were snacks and desserts, and when they were paired with tea and other beverages, they tasted scrumptious. Hannah was surprised. “Isn’t this afternoon te

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