Chapter 2352

‘A woman who’s afraid of mice is actually not afraid of eels.’ [Den is so scared that he almost cried, hahaha.] [That lady is really brave, huh? She’s touching eels with her bare hands!] [Hahaha, what should I do if I find this young lady rather cute?] [Am I seeing it wrong? Or does Wayne’s gaze look rather doting?] The three of them walked around the market for about two hours and bought a lot of ingredients. Waylon was the only person picking all the ingredients all the way, while Cameron and Denzel followed him around as if they did not know anything about choosing good raw ingredients. Not only did they not help out, but they were also dragging Waylon’s progression in the market. The fans were so happy to be able to mock Waylon for bringing two useless underlings along. It was already 7:00 p.m. when they arrived home after buying the ingredients. Daisie and Helios were waiting for them at the door, and they helped to bring some of the ingredients into the kitchen. Waylon s

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