Chapter 2354

Waylon pulled Cameron up. She grabbed her coat, and the two quietly left the room. Walking into the backyard, Cameron was sleepy and cold. “Where are you taking me?” He took her hand and walked in front of her, leading her. “We’re almost there.” Cameron yawned and followed him. “Dude, we have to get up early tomorrow.” However, when she saw the fireflies in the garden, she woke up in an instant. The fireflies that were gathered in one place looked like the stars in the dark sky, adorning the darkness in the garden. Cameron walked over. “Why are there so many fireflies?” He looked back at her. “This isn’t something that you see every day, is it?” Cameron stretched out her hand, intending to touch them, and the fluorescent lights scattered instantly. The lights lingered around her, and she laughed. “This is so pretty.” Waylon stopped beside her. “I didn’t lie to you, did I?” Daisie turned her head around, looked at him, and laughed. “Just how boring can you be? You actually choo

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