Chapter 2355

What was more, Daisie’s brother and Helios were also present. The audience deemed Zoey’s behavior unacceptable, and most of them started commenting in the comment section. [Zoey the clown is really doing all she can to gain popularity, huh?] The director frowned. He originally planned to suspend the recording, but unexpectedly, the broadcast room suddenly gained countless views. ‘Do the netizens love Zoey’s drama this much?’ Hannah put on her gloves calmly, turned her head, and said to the people beside her with a smile, “Daisie might’ve killed someone’s father in her previous life. That was awkward.” Denzel smiled awkwardly. Everyone present was his senior in the industry, so he did not dare to say anything. Helios and Waylon had really good control over their temper, so they did not let their emotions surface. They obviously did not plan to respond to any of Zoey’s comments and would only focus on the task at hand. The audience was mocking Zoey at the moment. After waiting

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