Chapter 2356

Even the director and the entire crew were shocked. One of the crew members suddenly handed a tablet to him. “You need to see this!” There were over 1,000,000 viewers on the live broadcast, and it was still climbing. It was very popular. The viewers kept liking the video and applauding the improvement and use of technology in agriculture. After half an hour, the sugar canes were all harvested. Using human labor to harvest was less efficient and labor intensive. It was obvious that technology was able to fulfill the need to replace that. After the harvest, the people of the village applauded and praised Daisie. “She’s a fast learner.” Daisie bowed toward them humbly. “These are all from your hard work. Thank you for giving us a chance to see how well agricultural machinery has advanced. There’s a lot more that we need to learn.” Cameron leaned close to Waylon and whispered, “Your sister is unbelievable.” Daisie increased the productivity of agriculture with the help of technolo

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