Chapter 2357

However, they couldn’t stop the live broadcast. When they go back to the old mansion, Hannah and Cameron were having a great time chatting. They had gotten close when Cameron asked her, “What’s going on between Zoey and Daisie?” Hannah clicked her tongue and replied, “What else? They were fighting for the same role, but she didn’t get it because the director preferred Daisie.” Going after the same character was very common in the industry. Many artists had ‘feuds’ because of this, but they weren’t doing it as obviously as Zoey. They would just do it on the down low. Cameron held her chin. “She’s so salty. It’s just a role.” “Fighting for a role in the industry meant they were fighting for a job. It’s as if you worked hard to get a role, and everyone thought that it would go to you, but not only did you not end up with it, but you were also demoted to a supporting role. “Everyone in the industry wants their next role to propel them to stardom and rake in money. No one would be

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