Chapter 2359

The Goldmanns were more than any other affluent family in Bassburgh. Everyone would be curious about the person who married into the family if they were somebody. How could Freyja’s family be absent? Everyone’s expressions changed. Anyone who paid attention to the news would know why. Those who didn’t might talk about it. Mr. Weatherby didn’t notice how the atmosphere changed and pressed on upon seeing how Freyja didn’t reply. “Did something important come up, and your family couldn’t come because of that? How could they miss a party so important? Even if your relatives were busy, your parents should be here.” Freyja pressed her lips together and was going to speak when Colton held her hand and calmly said, “I’m glad everyone is able to attend my daughter’s party. My wife is married to me and is now a Goldmann. If you can’t even respect her, we shouldn’t have any more dealings in the future. Don’t you think so, Mr. Weatherby?” Mr. Weatherby wasn’t expecting Colton to be so protec

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