Chapter 2360

No one expected Mr. Weatherby to suddenly grab Freyja’s hand and rub it. Freyja pulled her hand back too hard, the glass dropped to the ground, and the noise attracted everyone’s attention. Mr. Weatherby took his chance and started to pretend that she was the problem. “Mrs. Goldmann, I’ve apologized, so even if you don’t want to forgive me, there’s no need to act this way.” Freyja clenched her jaw. “You’re not apologizing. You’re—” “Look at this woman. She’s not even married into the family yet, but she’s already throwing tantrums. I apologized to her, but she pushed the glass away.” He didn’t give Freyja a chance to speak and kept adding fuel to the fire. He was going to push Freyja into a corner. Freyja balled up her fist. She didn’t want to start anything at her daughter’s party, but why was he forcing her? Mr. Weatherby saw that she wasn’t fighting back and guessed that she didn’t have the guts to do it. If she said he molested her, he would just say she tried to seduce him

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