Chapter 2366

Brandon opened the refrigerator, and there was nothing in it, leaving him feeling a little embarrassed. “I haven’t been preparing anything to eat in a long time. You should take a seat first. I’ll go out to buy some ingredients. What do you want to eat tonight?” Freyja sat on the couch. “Whatever, anything will do.” Brandon walked to the entryway, picked up his coat, and put it on. “Okay, then I’ll go out now.” Freyja stopped him. “Dad.” Brandon turned back and was stunned for a short moment. Freyja added, “I’ll go with you.” The father and daughter went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients and food. Freyja had not gone out with her father for a long time. She vaguely remembered that she was only a few years old the last time her father took her out to play. Twenty years had passed in the blink of an eye. In the family that she used to have, her mother was mightily aggressive, and her father was extremely cowardly, and that combination caused the relationship between her

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