Chapter 2367

The living room was silent for a moment. Brandon was stunned for a long time, then lowered his head. “Fey... I just don’t want to cause you trouble.” He added slowly, “And there’s no need to spend so much money on food. As long as it’s still edible, it’ll get me going. I’m still doing well now, aren’t I?” Freyja scoffed out of anger. “Just give it to me straight. Are the Pruitts running out of money already?” He did not utter a single word. “I found out almost instantly when I first stepped into this place. The car parked outside is gone. You must’ve sold it. The things in the house haven’t changed much, but all the antiques that my mother bought back then are all gone now.” Freyja pointed to the empty cabinet. ‘Mother had gotten used to living a luxurious lifestyle, and the antiques were her babies, so there’s no way that she would sell them away. ‘That would leave me with only one possibility. Dad sold all the antiques and dismissed all the servants after my mother got into ja

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