Chapter 236

Maisie gave him a sideways glance. She had always felt that he was very gentle. The waiter opened the door, and a few people were sitting on a round table that could fit 15 people in the large and luxurious golden private room. The three rugrats were sitting next to Mr. Goldmann Sr., and the gray-haired man who was sitting on the main seat surprised Maisie. ‘Is he Nolan’s grandfather? But why does he have a slight mixed-race appearance? While Mr. Goldmann Sr. and Nolan don’t share the same features?’ At that moment, she also noticed that a pretty woman was also sitting at the table. “Mommy, Daddy, sit here!” Daisie waved her small hand at them. Nolan wrapped his arm around Maisie’s waist, walked her to the two empty seats, and sat down. Mr. Goldmann Sr. said to Titus with a grin, “Father, this is the kids’ biological mother, Maisie Vanderbilt.” Maisie turned to the old man and nodded politely. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Mr. Goldmann.” The old man waved his hand and respon

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