Chapter 237

Maisie smiled but did not utter a single word. Titus put down the wine glass, and the expression on his face became a little sterner as he started questioning. “Can this young lady who looks so timid and bashful be able to assume the position as the future mistress of the Goldmanns?” The old man’s remarks made the atmosphere a little tense and nervous. In his eyes, the future mistress of the Goldmanns must not be such a delicate young woman. She must be able to accomplish huge achievements and also be able to awe others. But when he noticed the tenderness and weakness of the lady sitting in front of him, it was in his nature to question her. Rowena retracted her gaze as a faint trace of amusement flashed across her expression. She knew the old man’s standards for his granddaughter-in-law. She had to be at least able to help out the Goldmanns, and she had to be familiar with everything that was related to the Goldmanns. ‘After all, the Goldmanns run more than just an ordinary busin

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