Chapter 238

“If you don’t recognize Zee, then I can only leave this place with her.” Nolan met the sullen gaze of the old man. “Are you threatening me?” Titus was furious. ‘This brat has only given birth to three little humans, and he’s already so full of himself!’ Rowena glanced at Nolan nervously. “Nolan, stop provoking your grandfather.” Nolan ignored her and responded, “Yes, I just threatened you.” “Okay, get out of my sight. Why should I care about how you feel when I’m eating dinner?” Titus slammed his cutlery on the dining table heavily, and his domineering aura surged abruptly. The atmosphere became a little rigid all of a sudden. Nolan was holding Maisie’s hand and was about to stand up, but Maisie pulled him back onto his seat and looked directly at Titus. “Sir, you shouldn’t just judge the book from its cover. You don’t even know me, so isn’t it a little too early for you to be making conclusions about me?” The old man who thought he would scare the young woman into taking a few

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