Chapter 239

After all, as long as they were Nolan’s children, the kinship would not change. Colton turned his face away. “No matter what, I don’t like him.” Waylon did not speak. He only knew that he would never treat anyone who had mistreated his mother well. “Nolan.” Rowena caught up to them. Nolan turned his head indifferently and held Maisie’s hand. “What’s the matter?” Maisie also looked back at her. ‘Isn’t it obvious that this woman has feelings for Nolan?’ “Nolan, don’t worry, I’ll help you persuade Grandpa. After all…” She said so and took a glance at Maisie, “After all, it’d be unfair to make Ms. Vanderbilt join the military.” Maisie squinted. ‘Will she help me without asking for anything in return?’ The three rugrats stared at Rowena. ‘How would this woman exude the aura that resembles that of Willow’s? Not to mention that she’s another woman who wants to pester Daddy, just like Willow does.’ Nolan’s eyes dimmed slightly, but he did not utter a word. Maisie smiled faintly. “

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