Chapter 240

It seemed that there was no need for Maisie to be merciful anymore. At the Vanderbilt manor… Stephen saw the headlines on the newspaper and smashed the newspaper on the table out of pure wrath. Leila, who was bringing him fruits, took a glance at the contents of the newspaper and pretended to be shocked. “Steph, why is this news talking about Zee? Is there any misunderstanding?” Stephen knew that this news article must have something to do with his mother and sister-in-law. His expression turned sulky in an instant, and he did not answer the questions. Willow came downstairs and exclaimed deliberately, “Dad, Maisie deliberately hired a lawyer to deceive Grandma and Aunt Yanis. I just saw it on the papers.” “Willie, don’t make such bold claims.” Leila pretended to support Maisie. “How are they bold claims? I’ve read it with my own eyes. If that’s the case, isn’t Maisie deceiving Dad too? Dad had already agreed to transfer his shares to her, but she still colluded with a lawyer to

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