Chapter 241

At Coralia’s police station… “Officer, have you gotten the wrong person? How could my son possibly be selling drugs?” “Yeah, officer, you must’ve made a mistake. My grandson is still so young. There’s no way that he would do such things.” Both Yanis and Madam Vanderbilt panicked. If Hector was caught distributing drugs, the consequence that he had to face would be a lot more serious than when Yorick was caught for money laundering! Hector was the only heir of the Vanderbilts. He was the only one who would inherit and continue the family lineage in the future. His criminal record would stay in the system if he were to face a jail sentence. Which lady would dare to marry him if that was the case? The policeman who was writing the testimony raised his head and glared at them with a solemn expression. “He’s already in his 20s, and you still consider him young? Our colleague found drugs in his bag, and we’ve been notified by our superior. He’ll face at least five years or more in priso

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