Chapter 242

‘I’ve already given them a chance, but it was the Vanderbilts who insisted on pushing their luck and forcing me to make a move. They turned to drugs just to make me marry Jimmy, they blatantly wanted to snatch Vaenna without even the slightest bit of shame, and they even spread rumors on the Internet to tarnish my reputation. ‘I was willing to help bail Uncle Yorick out of the precinct for father’s sake, but they didn’t even say a word of thanks as if that was my share to carry. ‘Did she just say that I’m cold-blooded? Then I should live up to her expectations till the end of time!’ “Maisie, you’re also one of the Vanderbilts. Are you just going to leave Hector to sink or swim?” Madam Vanderbilt had been forced into a corner by Maisie and started to feel anxious. She could no longer speak in a calm tone. “Yes, not only will I leave him to sink or swim, but I’ll also teach him a lesson. Besides, now that Hector has become this piece of crap, should you guys be held responsible? You

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