Chapter 2388

‘Pfft! Wayne Goldmann, what a blessed b*stard you are! A pretty lady is down here fighting for a chance just to deliver a meal into your hands!’ A faint smile escaped through the corners of Minzy’s lips. “Yes, but Mr. Goldmann isn’t in, so even if you’ve come all the way here, I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do about his absence.” “He’s not here at the company?” Cameron looked slightly bewildered. “Why would I lie to you? He’s really not in—” Cameron did not even wait for her to finish the sentence. She took out her cell phone, dialed his number, and asked, “Where are you?” Minzy’s expression stiffened slightly. Cameron then hung up the phone. “He just told me that he’s in the office. Ms. Holland, lying is not a good habit that you should have.” Minzy’s expression looked even more embarrassed. She did not expect Cameron to call Waylon directly in order to confirm his location. That was a direct smack in her face. ‘Wayne deliberately didn’t want to see me, but he’s more than

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