Chapter 2389

“Everyone has a fair chance to compete. I presented you with the chance back then, but whether he would choose to be with you was never in my control. And you’re saying I was making a fool out of you? But think carefully, am I the person who told him not to choose you?” “You—” “What will you get from arguing with me about these details now? If you think you still have a fighting chance, just go to Wayne and ask him for an explanation instead of harassing me. You should know that I grew up in the East Islands, and I’ve already gotten very used to being rude and vulgar. So if anything were to go wrong, I’d certainly make a move. You being a man or a woman makes no difference to me.” After saying that, Cameron left her alone and left the scene. Minzy clenched her hands that were resting on her sides. ‘How can she expect me to feel reconciled about my loss?!’ Cameron was extremely angry as Minzy had inexplicably targeted her because of Waylon. ‘That b*stard only knows how to attract

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