Chapter 2397

Waylon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Cameron. It seemed to him that Cameron was being jealous again. The woman sneered and said, “Sir, is he your friend? He looks like a sissy. Are you sure your sexual orientation is all right?” Cameron’s face sank. Before she could say anything, Waylon grabbed her into his arms and said, “That’s right. I like someone like him.” “Ugh, you guys are sick!” The woman chided before storming away. Cameron turned around to glare at Waylon. She pushed him away and said, “You have a lot of unwanted romantic encounters.” Waylon lifted her chin. “Are you mad, Cam?” “Don’t be silly,” replied Cameron. “There’s no way I’d be jealous of an old woman like her.” Waylon suddenly scooped her up from the floor. They were on the sea now, and she was so startled that she froze. “Wayne, what are you…” He carried her into the room and put her on the bed. Then, before she knew anything, he leaned on her and trapped her in his arms. “Why did you change back to yo

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