Chapter 2398

Cameron looked at the clock. “Speak of the devil. Do you think they’ve put something in this food?” Waylon chuckled. “Maybe.” Cameron cut the steak and said, “Anyway. We need to make it look like we’ve fallen for their trap.” Around 1:00 p.m., the attendant came to collect the dishes. He realized that both Cameron and Waylon had finished the food. Cameron was yawning while watching the TV on the couch, and Waylon was taking a bath. The attendant pushed the dining car away. As he left, he lifted his eyes to look at Cameron before closing the door. At the corner of the corridor, the woman in the mink coat took a drag from her cigarette and asked, “Did they eat the food?” The attendant opened the lid. “Yeah, they did.” The woman’s eyes turned cold as a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. “Both of them are young. I think we can harvest some good organs from them.” A bald, burly man with a tattooed arm walked over. “Nasha, is the prey ready?” The woman flicked the cigarette a

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