Chapter 2399

The commotion alerted the people waiting outside. They all rushed into the operating room and were stunned. “Get them!” Cameron and Waylon stood back to back as the people surrounded them. The area was too cramped for them to move around freely, but it was good enough to limit their movement. Both of them looked at the crowd, and Cameron asked, “Are you sure you can do it?” Waylon loosened his watch and replied, “Do you want to have a match?” She chuckled. “Sure. Let's see who can put them down in the shortest time.” The people’s faces turned livid with rage as they listened to their conversation. “D*mn it! Are you looking down on us?” Cameron and Waylon replied in chorus, “Yes.” That man shouted out of anger, “Let’s get them!” After the man gave his order, the group threw themselves at them. The cramped operating room was thrown into chaos with so much commotion that even the occupants of the guest rooms could faintly hear sounds coming from under the floor. They all came

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