Chapter 2402

The middle-aged man was sweating profusely, and his hands that were holding the helm were trembling too. Cameron glanced at him. ‘I can’t act anxiously now. My anxiousness will directly affect him.’ “Have you ever encountered such a situation when you were conning a cargo ship?” The middle-aged man gulped his saliva and responded, “This is extremely rare.” She stayed calm and asked him frankly, “If you were to run into such a situation, what would you do?” The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. ‘The inertia of a boat traveling at such a high speed is very high, and it’s not easy to stop it under such a circumstance.’ ‘If this were to happen to me...’ The middle-aged man took a deep breath. ‘No one wants to die, and neither do I. At this moment, I can only give it a try. Maybe we’ll still have a chance. We won’t have any chance at survival if I don’t try.’ He held the helm tightly. When sailing in such a thick mist, being vigilant and avoiding collisions were the prin

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