Chapter 2403

After regaining consciousness, Waylon vaguely heard voices around him and slowly opened his eyes. As his eyes gradually got used to intense light, he started seeing several blurred figures standing around him. “Wayne.” “Willy?” As soon as Waylon could clearly see the people around him and realized that they were Sunny and Cameron, he slowly sat up. Sunny supported him immediately. “You’re still recovering from your injuries, so take it easy.” Waylon glanced around the room and knew he was in a hospital. He then covered his face with his palms, rubbed his temples, and chuckled. “How long have I been out?” Sunny replied to him, “When Cam asked me to send someone to pick you up, you were already down and out. You have a fever caused by an infection of the wound.” He originally thought they could hold a wedding banquet as soon as they arrived at the East Islands, but no one expected such an incident to occur. As such, he could only postpone the banquet and find them another date. S

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