Chapter 2408

Leah could see that Zephir had feelings for Daisie since they were that age. When he gave up on studying finances and switched to film, that showed that he was going into the entertainment industry because of Daisie. Daisie raised her brows. “Leah, I’m married.” “Married? With who?” Leah was shocked. Daisie told her about Nollace. She looked surprised because she didn’t expect a change in the plot. “So, you didn’t have feelings for Zephir?” Daisie paused. “I never said I had feelings for him.” Leah didn’t know how to react. “I saw that you were close when we were in school. You’re really saying that you didn’t have feelings for him?” Daisie placed her hand on her forehead, feeling a little awkward. “I always saw him as an older brother. I didn’t like him that way.” Maybe it was because they were too young to tell those feelings apart, but in her heart, Zephir was always like a brother to her. She didn’t think that Leah would have taken it the wrong way. Leah sighed. “Too

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