Chapter 2409

After a long pause, Zephir chuckled. “I don’t even know myself.” At Taylorton… Daisie told Nollace about her lunch with Leah. Nollace peeled some oranges for her and fed her but couldn’t help but chuckle. “What did you eat?” Daisie sat on his thighs and ate the orange. “Everything. But I noticed that I don’t really have an appetite recently, which is fine, but I gained weight.” She suspected that she was pregnant, but wouldn’t she want to eat more if she was? If she didn’t have an appetite, it was mostly because her sleep cycle wasn’t consistent. Her period was probably late because her hormones were imbalanced. Nollace paused, then looked at her. Daisie didn’t notice the change in his eyes and continued talking. “Actresses always worry about gaining weight. It’s your fault for always making great food for me and making me fat.” She started ‘complaining’ again. Nollace placed the oranges on a plate and said, “You would grow fat even if I didn’t feed you.” She choked. “Why?

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