Chapter 2421

“What’s wrong? Can’t I talk about this? There’s no reason to bring up something from so long ago.” The father and son started bickering. Waylon hugged Cameron by her shoulders and brought her away from the living room. Cameron laughed when they got to the garden. “The two old men are so adorable. They’re so different from you.” Waylon squinted and looked at her while tilting his head. “So different from us?” Cameron turned to face him while walking backward. “Do you bicker with your brother? No. The rowdy ones in your family are your sister and the two old men. “If they weren’t around, I think your home would be so quiet, unlike the Southern Clan.” Colton and Waylon would never be rowdy, and neither would Nolan and Maisie. Other than Daisie and the two elders, the rest of the Goldmanns were just like them. Waylon stopped in his tracks and smiled. “That’s true. It really is livelier when Great-grandpa and Grandpa are around, but…” He paused for a few seconds and raised his br

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