Chapter 2422

Cameron suddenly chuckled. “That’s not bad. I thought you would give up your dreams after getting pregnant.” Daisie smiled. “We don’t live for our children, and neither should they. We’re all individuals. Life is too short, so if I give up on a career I love because of my child, my life will be meaningless.” Cameron smirked. “But Nollace and the Goldmanns have money. It would be able to cover your expenses for a few lifetimes.” Even if she gave up on her career and stayed home doing nothing, she wouldn’t have to worry about anything. That was a life that most people wanted. Why else would people want to marry into rich families? They were all eyeing that comfort. Daisie beamed. “No way. I can’t just use my family’s money. I would feel bad for Nolly.” Cameron smirked. Did she just get a slap on her face? But she finally understood why Nollace would care so much about Daisie. It was because Daisie’s heart was full of him. How could a woman who would take risks with him without

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