Chapter 2438

Waylon held the back of her head and sealed her lips completely. Cameron was so infuriated that she wanted to bite him. However, as if he had known how she would react to his actions, he immediately pulled his lips away from her. Cameron grabbed a slipper and threw it at him. Waylon dodged the projectile by hiding behind the door, and the shoe flew by his body, missing its target. He then laughed out loud. “How are you still so adorable when you’re pissed?” “Wayne Goldmann, get lost!” After Waylon left, Cameron lay on the side of the bathtub, and her cheeks blushed. ‘That fella must’ve bewitched me. Otherwise, how could I... How could I almost accept his suggestion earlier!?’ In the study room, Waylon sat behind the desk and read the materials that Leonardo had sent him. Nick Wickam, the owner of the martial arts training center, was considered quite a figure back in Southeast Eurasia. The Wickams had risen to fame in Southeast Eurasia. After Nick’s father, the patriarch of th

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