Chapter 2439

Cameron took a sip of tea. “It’s okay. I have the time.” Dylan rolled his eyes, seeing that she was going to stay here. “Just what do you want? Our grandmaster has already promised not to retaliate against you, so don’t push your luck.” Cameron crossed her legs. “I’m here to make an offer, and you’re saying that I’m pushing my luck. What’s wrong with you? Are you making a lot of money? Even if you despise me, at least show money a tad bit of respect.” Dylan was startled. “What do you mean by that?” She waved her hand. “You won’t understand even if I explain everything to you. Now go and get Nick to come out and meet me.” Dylan wanted to say something else, but a middle-aged man’s voice came from upstairs. “Dylan, let Ms. Southern through.” Dylan curled his lips and said reluctantly, “Please come with me.” “That’s more like it.” Cameron stood up with a smile, turned her head around, and said to Daisie, “Wait for me here.” Daisie nodded. Cameron went upstairs and came to Nick’s

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