Chapter 2440

Nick turned to look at Cameron. “Since when did you learn to speak for others?” Cameron was startled. “I’m telling the truth.” He did not say anything. Cameron narrowed her eyes. “Please don’t tell me that you’re still holding grudges against me?” He frowned. “What?” “I know. What I did back then was a little too much. I can apologize to you. After all, I was only a young and presumptuous girl back then.” After saying that, Cameron laughed and approached him all of a sudden. “Your martial arts training center teaches the Southerns’ fist techniques. It suits me just fine, doesn’t it? Worse comes to worst, you can continue to be the grandmaster of this place, and I’ll only be one of the shareholders or something like that, or maybe one of the trainers once in a while?” After a while, Cameron was driven out of the office. Cameron was caught off guard. She then turned around and yelled, “Hey! Why would you kick me out? Hey, Nick, what do you think? At least say something!” ‘I’ll b

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