Chapter 2441

Before Cameron could finish her sentence, a car rushed toward them at high speed. Cameron tapped on the steering wheel, and the sharp screeching sound of tires followed. Daisie grabbed onto the seat belt and protected her belly while keeping her eyes tightly shut. They couldn’t avoid the car and bumped into the car in front of them. That immediately caused a chain accident. Cameron ignored her own pain and stretched her hand toward Daisie. “Daisie, are you alright?” She turned to look at Daisie in the passenger’s seat. She was shaking, and her face was pale because she was shocked. “I… I’m fine, but my belly hurts.” Cameron saw blood running down her legs, so she immediately unbuckled her belt and got out of the car. She grabbed the driver who came down to take a look. “Please drive us to the hospital. My friend is injured!” Cameron pulled Daisie out of the car and saw the blood running down her legs. The kind driver immediately drove them to the nearest hospital. Waylon w

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