Chapter 2452

Colton lowered his voice and turned her around. “You’re wearing such... Who wouldn’t give up fighting immediately?” Freyja hugged Colton, rested her chin on his shoulder, and chuckled. “What about your principles?” He bit her bow tie, loosened it, and grinned. “At this time, it’s only natural for me to abandon them.” Back in Bassburgh, in the martial arts training center… “Grandmaster, a few days have gone by, and that woman hasn’t been here for even one day. She must be lying. I think she was only fooling us when she brought up the matter regarding the collaboration,” Dylan, who was arranging the training equipment downstairs, said in dissatisfaction, while the others stared at Nick, who was standing behind the counter, flipping through the books. Nick closed the book in his hand, lifted his gaze, and took a glance at the calendar on the wall. ‘Is it really a lie? She’s the one who came here and asked for collaboration, and she has disappeared since that day. Maybe she regrets i

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