Chapter 2453

‘In fact, as long as she wants it, I can locate a suitable storefront for her at this very moment. But she wants to work in that martial arts training center. ‘Is it because of Nick Wickam? ‘No, I have to go and take a look in the afternoon.’ At the same time, in the martial arts training center… Cameron cleaned up her room before she could barely accept its look. When she walked out of the room, she happened to run into Nick, who just happened to come out of his office too. Nick turned a blind eye to her, turned around, and left. “Hey, after all, we’re still business partners. What’s with that attitude of yours?” Cameron was puzzled. ‘If this fella still held grudges against me, why would he agree to work with me?’ Nick stopped, turned around, and gazed at her. “You and I are just business partners. Other than that, is our relationship very close, to begin with?” She crossed her arms. “You’re right. We’re still rivals.” ‘I’m working with my rival only because our common goa

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