Chapter 2454

Not only that, but the moves that Waylon was using this time around were those that Cameron had never seen before. Cameron was almost surprised. ‘Did he not give it everything he had when he was fighting me back when we were still in the East Islands?’ However, now that he’s facing Nick, his attacks look extremely strong and offensive, so aggressive that they were giving Nick a sense of oppression. Nick did not pull his punches either. However, after a few rounds into the fight, he did not even dare to let his guard down against Waylon. He had looked into Waylon’s background—he was the official successor of the Goldmanns’ Night Banquet. Most importantly, Waylon had always been good at his intense and offensive attacks, and every move that he let out would always accurately target his opponent’s weaknesses. The people in the audience were both excited and nervous. It was simply a duel between two of the strongest. Cameron did not dare to even blink throughout the entirety of the b

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