Chapter 2456

Cameron let the children train among themselves and sat aside, checking her phone every now and then. She wondered if her words were too harsh last night. Suddenly, one of the little girls started crying. Cameron found out that it was because the boy sparring with her had hit her too hard and hurt her. Cameron took out a few tissues to dry her tears. “I’ll get him to apologize, alright? Look, you don’t look pretty when you cry.” The girl blew her nose and stopped crying soon after. Cameron looked toward the boy and saw the name on his shoulder: Chadwick Boucher. Chadwick looked away. “She’s so weak.” Cameron took a deep breath, walked to him, and leaned down. “You should apologize to the girl.” “I did nothing wrong. She’s just too weak.” Cameron smiled. “You’re right. She is weak, but why do we learn martial arts?” He didn’t speak. “It’s to protect ourselves and have the courage to help the weak. You’re stronger and faster than her. She lost, but you can’t make her cry ju

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