Chapter 2457

“I don’t know how to make a marriage work, nor do I know how to tolerate. I know that tolerating doesn’t mean that I have to live according to how others want me to. “If… If this is how marriages are supposed to be, I’d rather not—” Waylon walked toward her and pulled her into his arms. She froze in his arms. Waylon wrapped his arms tighter around her. He shouldn’t have forced her. “I’m sorry, Cam.” Cameron pressed her lips together and buried her face into his shoulder. Waylon tilted her face upward and kissed between her brows. “I shouldn’t have kept you by my side and made you feel as though you’ve lost your freedom. I’m sorry.” Cameron looked up at him. “Are you afraid that I will cheat on you?” He was taken aback. “What?” Cameron clicked her tongue and turned away. “You don’t want me to be around Nick because you’re afraid that I might cheat on you with him. If there was something between us, we would have been together already. You wouldn’t stand a chance.” Her last s

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