Chapter 2470

At the same time, Freyja sent her coursemates out of the villa one after another. Leia walked up to a car, stopped all of a sudden, and turned around to look at Freyja. “Thank you for the hospitality, and I owe you an apology.” Freyja was slightly taken aback. Leia lowered her gaze. “I recognize Shannon as a friend of mine. She defamed you when she badmouthed you back then. Although you didn’t mind that, I should have stopped her. I’m sorry about that.” Freyja pursed her lips tightly. She had always been a loner and did not like to maintain close connections with others, which was why she never minded what others thought of her. It might look like she did not mind it on the surface, but she actually cared a lot deep down. She was a little surprised that Leia would apologize to her, but she felt a slight surge of warmth within her chest cavity at the same time. “It’s okay.” “Freyja, you’re your truest self when you’re with your husband. Although you’re normally very friendly when

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