Chapter 2471

Even though the Pruitt manor wasn’t a huge, extravagant villa, it was built very long ago and was an antique home. It was in quite a busy area of the city, and if it were to be sold at a low price, it would be a huge loss. The properties in that area kept increasing in value and were all sold at high prices. There was no reason to sell it. Brandon looked around the room he had been living in for a few decades. It was filled with memories, and he wouldn’t sell it. A few boxes were moved into the car while Brandon stood in the garden, looking back at the old house. He finally got into the car after a long glance. The following day… Freyja returned to college to submit the application for a shoot. She bumped into Leia and a few people when she walked out of the office. Remembering what happened yesterday, she pressed her lips together and walked over. “Good morning.” The friends froze because they were surprised. Freyja had never greeted them. Leia looked at her. “Morning, Frey

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