Chapter 2474

“You talk too much.” Colton leaned back into the chair. “If Mom hadn’t told me you were pregnant, I wouldn’t have come.” He then looked toward Nollace. “My mom and dad love her very much. Now that she’s pregnant, if you hurt her, even just a little bit, we’ll have a problem with that.” Nollace smiled. “Don’t worry. If you show a good example, I’ll follow.” Colton had nothing to say. What was this passive-aggressive attitude? Colton stayed for lunch. Ever since Daisie came over, Diana had gotten the cook to change their food to match Daisie’s taste. There was steak, soup, fried food, grilled food, and more. Colton looked at the food on the table and didn’t speak. He could see that the Knowles treated his sister very well. Diana was warm as usual. “Is this alright? Do you want to add something else?” Before Colton could speak, Daisie said, “Mom, he’s fine. My brother isn’t picky.” Colton glared at her. Diana smiled. “That’s a good habit, unlike Nollace. He’s very picky.”

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