Chapter 2475

“Will I still be able to carry her when I get home?” Colton pinched her cheek. “You think your baby is going to be too heavy?” Freyja moved his hand away and looked down. “I’m afraid that she might not recognize me anymore. Do you think I’m selfish?” Colton grabbed her hand. “We’ll spend all the time with her when we’re back and watch her grow up.” Freyja smiled and nodded. When they got back, they saw that Brandon and the helper had decorated the home. It became really festive. Brandon looked at them and smiled. “You’re back.” “Dad, what are you doing?” “Well, I’m just doing nothing, so I thought I should try to help out.” Brandon hung the little presents on the Christmas tree. “Your mother hated all these decorations and trinkets, so I never got the chance to put them up.” Freyja beamed. That was true. One Christmas, even though her mother never liked all these, Brandon wanted Ken and her to enjoy it, so he still hung some decorations. After getting home, she would fly int

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