Chapter 2491

Her boyfriend smiled widely, then turned to say to the two men, “Did you hear that? This woman is a gift from my darling.” Shannon continued. “Remember to record the best parts.” The two men were excited and approached Freyja with bad intentions. Freyja tried to break free, but the ropes were too tight. She clenched her jaw and calmed down to figure out a plan. When the two men tried to touch her, Freyja suddenly laughed. They would be even more excited if she started crying out of fear. But her chuckle threw them off. Shannon glared at her. “You’re in our hands now. Why are you laughing?” “You touched my phone, didn’t you?” The two men looked at each other, then at Shannon. “So what if we did?” “I hope you didn’t turn it off.” “Get to the point!” Freyja controlled her fear and continued smiling. “That’s unfortunate. You would still have time if you didn’t switch it off. My phone is linked to my husband’s. Once it’s switched off and he can’t track my coordinates, he will

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