Chapter 2492

Freyja was betting that Shannon’s boyfriend and the two men weren’t dumb. And as expected, the boyfriend glared at her. “Did you bring her to my villa so that you can pin it on us if anything happens?” Shannon did ask for his help to attack a woman, and he obliged. However, when they brought her over, he thought this would just end with the woman staying silent about the incident. He didn’t know that the woman had a skillful husband. After what she said, he had to carefully consider everything. He couldn’t destroy his own future for a woman. “No, honey, listen to me. She’s just scaring us. She can’t—” “Not everyone is as dumb as you are. Do you think your boyfriend will bet on you? Can you do anything that will benefit him?” Freyja then winked at the boyfriend. “I, however, can. Instead of having a girlfriend who only knows about spending your money and getting you in trouble, I don’t mind having a lover. I could invest 1.5 billion dollars into your company. Cash or gold ba

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